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How to select PTFE resin to make semi-finish and finished products?

How to select PTFE resin to make semi-finish and finished products?

PTFE is a thermoplastic material. But not like other thermoplastic material, It is not melt processable. So this means it can’t produced by screw extrusion or injection molding. This is pretty unique for thermoplastic material.

So how could you select PTFE resin to make your semi-finish and finished products?

There are mainly 2 type of PTFE resin:



– are ideal for molding many different products and stock shapes, such as rods, tubes, and sheets.


– Moulding

– Ram-extrusion

PTFE fine powders


– It can be mixed with petroleum solvents and be used for continuous molding by paste extrusion since it easily fibrillates.
– The strong C-F bond exhibits heat resistance at continuous operating


– Paste extruder of thick walled tubes

– Sintered tape
– Corrosion resistant lining hose
– Thick wire cables
– Coaxial cable
– Release sheet
– Fine porous membranes

Selection of PTFE powders depend on two factors: the desired properties of the PTFE part in the end-use application and the manufacturing method to produce the part. At Dechengwang technology department we can modify the physical properties of PTFE powders to achieve the best balance of processability and produced part performances.

Dechengwang can suggest the best solution for you according to your technical requirements.


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