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About Dechuang

Your trusted partner of PTFE and more PTFE compounding parts manufacturing.

Company profile

Dechuang has gradually become one of the top Chinese leading specialists in fluoropolymer filed. We have clients domestic and overseas in various industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Chemical analysis, Oil and Gas, Engineering, Medical and so on.

We design and manufacture various of products in high performance fluoropolymer material, such as PTFE, modified PTFE, PTFE compound, PEEK, PFA, PCTFE and PVDF, deliver reliable and stable quality for our clients. When it comes to raw material, we only work with the best suppliers such as Shandong Dongyue Polymer, POLYFLON , Dyneon, because the quality is always the heart and everything we did. All the products are manufactured to order, so you can get exactly what you need.

De Chuang

Company culture

Germany’s new materials, science and technology to prosper

Our vision:

Create an influential PTFE brand

Our mission:

With a positive attitude, strive to promote social and enterprise development, create benefits for customers and improve the quality of life of employees

Our values:

Integrity, professionalism, efficiency and win-win

Our spirit:

Have a sense of responsibility, dedication, courage to work hard, work hard, and full of confidence in the future

Our quality policy:

Honesty is the foundation of virtue; Quality first and full participation; Keep improving and advancing with the times; Abide by laws and prevent pollution, protect environment and save energy; Continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

Regional distribution


Based in HuiZhou, China,

We design and manufacture various of products

in high performance fluoropolymer material.


Based in Shenzhen, China,

Your trusted partner of PTFE and more PTFE compounding parts manufacturing.

Factory Scale in Numbers

Take a glance at our factory capacity that stays as your strong manufacturing backing


5S Modern Plant Area


Production Lines

0 pcs

Stable Daily Output

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Specialized Staff

In-House Manufacturing Plant

Where we create your PTFE parts nice and clean

  •     Molding    
  •     CNC    
  •     CNC Lathe    
  •     Automatic    
  •     Stamping    

Compression Molding Plant

We are always looking for new, previously undiscovered applications and process. Our PTFE compression molding presses were custom designed for the particular molding characteristics of PTFE resins. We are top 3 PTFE molding experts in China.


CNC Machining Plant

CNC machining is great to meet a range of your product development needs. Take advantage of our quick removal of large amount of PTFE materials and high accurate and repeatable operation.

    CNC Lathe    

CNC Lathe Machining Plant

Our CNC machines provide the ability to produce everything from prototypes to extended production runs with precision tolerances and competitive speeds.


Automatic Machining Plant

High speed precision auto machine is designed for produce machined plastic parts to max 25mm diameter. They are excellent for machining small precision parts.


Stamping Plant

Stamping is quite suitable for those parts with thin thickness in flat gasket type.

People and Safety

We want Dechuang to be a great place to work. We want our employees to make a difference and our leaders to inspire everybody to deliver the best results through strong teamwork, career opportunities and a focus on performance. It is a priority within Dechengwang to protect the environment and improve the health, working environment and safety of our employees.

  • Safety First
  • Employee health and wellbeing
  • Employee and talent development

Factory Certification and Qualification

James – General Manager

Jerry – Financial Manager

Wei Jiang- Engineer Manager

Lianlian Zeng –

Production Manager

Wei Jiang – Sales Manager(Domestic)

Xiaoping Jiang – HR

Yong Liu – Quality Manager

Yu Liu –

Sales Manager(Oversea)

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