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Fluoropolymer Parts for Oil & Gas Industry

Reliable, durable solutions that can withstand the extreme demands

Materials for Oil and Gas Application Challenges

The challenges in the Oil and Gas industry are high temperature, pressure, mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Thanks to low friction coefficient, excellent chemical resistance and wide temperature and pressure range, our polymers meet these challenges head-on.

Light weight
Broad operational temperature range
Resistance to heat, steam, chemicals, and corrosion

Applications in Oil and Gas Industry

Through highly focused approach on Fluoropolymer materials and by delivering advances on machining technology, providing our customers with an essential

competitive advantage.

Industry Related Products

Proven Materials in Oil and Gas

Products made with fluoropolymers have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking that results

in higher mean time between failures. Chemical resistance offered by fluoropolymers is more universal and economical than most exotic metal alloys.

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