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ISO/IATF Quality Assurance Approaches

A lasting quality assurance program to ensure that everything, from PTFE powder to finished parts are

of the highest quality. See the stages our inspection process goes through.

Benefit from Our Quality

Control Process

  • High customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements
  • Ensuring Products Consistent in mass production
  • Orders are 100% traceability in DCW
  • Continuous Improvement

Incoming Inspection of Materials

We obtain all raw materials from selected suppliers known for their excellent quality. All materials and compounds

are subjected to extensive analyses in our laboratory before being stored or processed. Our employees test, for example:

Appearance Check/ Tensile strength/Dimension check/Density/Shore hardness/The composition of the compound

Appearance Check

– 01 –

Tensile strength test

– 02 –

Dimension Measuring

– 03 –

Density test

– 04 –

In-process inspection

At every of our manufacture order, the First article inspection is required when machine set up, FAI will be done and record by IPQC

and senior engineer. At every stage of production, the operator and IPQC inspection mainly focuses on critical dimension check.

#1 Machining Inspection

Operators are in charge of machining inspection, especially for the critical size, first and end product of each material.

#2 IPQC inspection

Material type, Job order, dimension, working instruction is within the manufacture order’s requirement.

#3 First article inspection

First Article Inspection is to provide objective evidence that all engineering design and specification requirements are properly understood.


Final Pre-Shipment Inspection

A pre-shipment inspection can ensure that your parts are produced as per requirement, before they are dispatched.

Dimension check by Profile Projector

Dimension check by go and no-go Guages

Physical inspection of packaging, labels and protection

Our professional PTFE Factory Plant

All process and inspection machines we equipped were designed for Fluoropolymer Parts. They help to assess the growth of PTFE products in a dynamic cycle of modernization.

PTFE Molding & Machining Techniques

Our professional PTFE molding and PTFE machining are always the reliable support that your PTFE project can count on.

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