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Dechuang is proud to announce new purchased

Dechuang is proud to announce new purchased

In the continued improvement and pursuit of all DC people. In this Summer, We has purchased multiple new equipments and expanded our shop floor.

This new addition will not only expand capacity, but also enhance capabilities. This will allow DCW to increase efficiency and overall throughput times on all parts. In the following blogs, we will share features of the new machines.

Shop floor area has be near doubled Expansion this time, so the production building is around 5000M2, in which DCW has invest about 3.5 million us dollar.

“The reason for the expansion is the continuing good order book situation at the site and we have good prospects on PTFE market ,” declares James Jiang, General Manager of DCW.

Please Keep follow us. DCW Makes Small PTFE Field A Big Difference

machine-DCW2       machine-DCW3

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