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PTFE Compounds

Learn all about properties and what Dechuang can do for your PTFE components.

Properties and Performance of PTFE Compounds

PTFE compounded with fillers like glass fibers, carbon, graphite, bronze, MoS2, PEEK etc. to improve physical, mechanical, thermal, wearing, electrical and chemical properties.

Mechanical properties improved by improving PTFE hardness while typically reducing cold flow or creep.
Increase electrical conductivity in strict percentage.
Reduce liner coefficient of thermal expansion and increase thermal dimensional stability
Reduce wear rate and friction coefficient of PTFE.

PTFE compounds and Functions that Benefit Your Parts

More special compounds, please contact our Experts.

Material Name

Compound %

Main Properties


Glass Fiber

Up to 40%

Improved ware resistance, compression strength, creep resistance, chemical resistance. Good performance in oxidising environment, good creep resistance.

White cream


Up to 35%

Improved electrical and termal conductivity, resistance to load, low coefficient of friction in dry, water, steam applications, chemical resistance. Superior ware resistance increase and low friction properties.



Up to 25%

Improve wear resistance, decrease friction and increase sliding properties against soft metals- chemical inertness. Improve the temperature resistance in some way.



Up to 60%

Improved compression strength, wear resistant, high thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion. Reduced chemical resistance.

Dark Brown

Molybdenum disulphide(MoS2)

up to 5%

Increased PTFE properties of hardness and wear resistance. Increased sliding properties and decrease friction.

Blue azure


Up to 20%

Increased thermal resistance, sliding properties, surface hardness. Superior properties on dynamic applications.


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Custom Performance & Design

In house material compound capability and rich experience in PTFE filed can full fill your PTFE project.

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Custom Machining

We’ll review your volume & design, to determine a most cost-effective approach to your PTFE part production from our in house PTFE compression molding and PTFE machining.

Other Materials We Work With

Looking for another material of fluoropolymer? We have the ability to machine different materials in some of the other plastics which we work with.

Resources Download

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